About Us

Our Story

Life Sumo have one core belief. People would make better choices with better education. We understand that a lack of education and understanding is the critical reason why so many people are let down by the system and why so many good people stumble their way through life.

Providing this education and helping everyday Australians to take control of their financial lives has became our core business.

Education First

Life Sumo pride themselves on taking big and complex ideas and breaking them down to normal speak. For too long the public have been bamboozled by jargon and made to feel like understanding wealth and building futures is for the ‘elite’ – it is not. Education is for everyone.

Out with the old...

A dream was sold to us all as children – we were given a piggy bank to conquer the World but not enough education to execute the dream. Life Sumo take you back to basics and show you how it isn’t too late to change your course if you aren’t happy where you are heading – but you won’t make big changes doing what you have always done.

The Boring Stuff

Life Sumo know numbers – that’s what we do and we do it well but more than excel spreadsheets and calculations – we are even better at translating the big ideas. Life Sumo live and breathe the financial World and our passion will drive life into your future.

Life Smart... Live BIG!

We provide the nuts and bolts of finance to empower young people to live bigger, better lives.