About Us

Our Story

Life Sumo was formed from the absolute belief that a lack of ‘education’ was the critical mis-step by many who felt let down by the system. Having seen too many good people stumble their way through life, providing this education became our core business.

Originally designed to provide “Life Support Modules” – Life Sumo began it’s early life with the key focus of educating as many people as possible openly and freely regarding the fundamentals of Life, Money and Finance.

In those early years, our driver was to make financial education into plain speak and to empower common sense so as to demystify much of the jargon and sales speak that had intimidated so many for so long. It was our belief that if we could make people a little smarter, they’d make better choices.

It turns out we were right.


We are here to provide you with facts and real information surrounding your finances and looking at the bigger picture to help you make better more informed decisions when it comes to money.

The Piggy Bank Concept

We are here to talk about that dream they sold you as a child – where you were given a piggy bank to conquer the World but not enough information to execute the dream. We are here to go back to basics and show you how it isn’t too late to change your course if you aren’t happy where you are heading or would just like us to fine tune the destination.

The Boring Stuff

We are here to translate the boring stuff to you, we live and breathe the financial World and our passion will drive life into all the things you are thinking but aren’t quite sure of the details as it just isn’t your thing. We can show you a way to love this sticky topic as much as we do.

Life Smart... Live BIG!

We provide the nuts and bolts of finance to empower young people to live bigger, better lives.

Money isn't everything but everything needs money

No money doesn’t exactly buy happiness but money pays your bills, feeds your family and puts a roof over your head and we think that has a lot to do with happiness.

About James

James believes that education is paramount and it is his responsibility to work through the education and advice process with clients – ensuring that they have all of the information they need to lead a better life.


About Rhianne

Rhianne is the powerhouse that drives the engine that is Life Sumo’s office.

With a focus on the client experience, Rhi is responsible for our back end workflow and is constantly striving to ensure that the client’s experience is seamless.


About Michael

Michael ensures that our Life Sumo team take every precaution in providing the best advice possible in a compliant and responsible manner.

He crosses T’s and dots I’s and works with our licence’s compliance team to deliver advice that is of the highest standard.


About Alanna

Alanna works tirelessly to support our Life Sumo client service team. Alanna is passionate about making sure that our team have the backup to assist clients in getting the advice and education they need.