Gold Partners


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others
Mahatma Gandhi


We are constantly being asked for our recommendations in a wide range of professional services – the reality is, we are ruthless when it comes to our professional relationships.

As a rule we insist that NONE of our professional partners give or receive any sort of commission, payment or incentive for referrals. This isn’t about lining the pocket for favours… this is about the integrity of the work.

We only recommend those who hold their clients in the highest regard. We work with those that make customer service more than a mantra, we only work with those that know no other way. So here they are – the few operators that we are willing to accredit with the ‘Life Sumo Gold Standard’.

Thank you for helping us to help others to ‘Live Big’.

James Mousa
Director – Life Sumo.

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