Adulting is hard - we are here to help

Lab Rat or Street Rat?

It takes more than book smarts to cut it in life.

Launchpad empowers young people to learn the practical skills required for basic life success.

First time out of home?

Knowing your rights before you move out of home is critical.

What is required to rent a place? What are your rights and obligations? Launchpad answers it all.

Time to 'write' wrongs

This is the opportunity to put pen to paper and create a framework for a future you can be proud of. No more aimless wandering. No more time lost wondering.

Lift off is imminent!

How to become employable

Getting ready for life means getting a job… our practical and useful real world approach to job without any pretense is the ideal preparation for employment.

Tax and Super

The very basics of understanding tax and super are the cornerstone of a financially successful life. We break it down to it’s most basic elements and make this part of life memorable and useful.

Crucial life skills

Basic car maintenance, cooking, living out of home… everything EXCEPT how to fold a fitted sheet… (that is the thing of sorcery!).

Goal Setting

There is a big difference between ‘wishes’ and goals. Launchpad’s approach to goal setting makes goals real and attainable – and makes you accountable.


We dig deep to help identify some of the big issues around mental health and resilience and help young people navigate much of the uncertainty that they face.

This builds stronger adults.

Who is Launchpad for?

The Launchpad programs are available for Schools, Community Groups, Families, Sporting Clubs and anywhere that young people come together.

Launchpad for Life

They say that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual… but what if it did? What if you could know at 15, 16 or 17 years old what it took you 10, 15 or 20 years to learn in adulthood?

Launchpad for Life is designed to teach all the things that we should have learned in high school but never did. With a range of modules available ranging from basic car maintenance to understanding tax and super to job preparation and even cooking basics, Launchpad has one focus and that is to create resilient world-ready young adults.

The cycle of poverty and apathy has to stop somewhere and it stops here.

What other services do the team at Life Sumo offer?


Learn the nuts and bolts of finance to help empower young people to live bigger and better lives.

Home ownership

Learn tips and tricks for purchasing your own home or investment properties.

Education and careers

The ‘what you didn’t learn in school’ and making wiser choices for the future.


Providing support, understanding and future planning to set you ahead for your future.

Family protection

Setting you and your family up for financial freedom and security.

Estate Planning

Strategy development for your assets to ensure you and your family are secure.

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