2024 Life Sumo Kick-Starter

If you want to be in a better place 12 months from now than where you are... 

You're going to need help to make the necessary inroads. We're here to help.

What you'll get:

  • Free 1 on 1 time with a Life Sumo
  • Judgement free education, empathy and understanding.
  • An opportunity to share your dreams, aspirations and financial desires with someone who will be almost as excited about them as you are!
  • Real world applicable guidance and advice in writing at no out of pocket cost to you for the Statement of Advice (where appropriate).
  • A very real and actionable next step...

This opportunity may have fallen in your lap because someone who loves you very much wants to see you succeed - and with no out of pocket cost for the opportunity to speak with an expert - well... that might just be the Kick-Start your 2024 needs!