Personal Protection

Do you want to know the one major life hack that will save your future family an absolute fortune? Protect yourself. Get as much cover as you can, as young as you can, as cheap as you can… and lock in your premiums.

That’s all there is to it. All of the usual objections like “I don’t have anything to protect”… or “I’m too young to worry about it”… They’re just plain nonsense.
Did you know that Insurances taken out when you’re young, fit and healthy are astronomically cheaper than when you get older?

Did you know that if you have injuries or illnesses as you grow up – these could make your policies later in life much more expensive or these conditions could be excluded?

Did you know that the costs of your insurances can be shared with your Super Fund and out of pocket – making the overall obligation really affordable?

The reality is, bad stuff happens EVERY DAY – we had a situation where a young guy (32) went to get his eyes checked and they discovered a brain tumour… and another case where another young bloke scratched his eyeball and caused himself to go blind in that eye – neither of which were their fault.

Both had the right insurances in place, both are in a far better situation because of it.

Getting protected early isn’t just the smart thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.