Adulting is hard - we are here to help

Education- The Bedrock of a Better Tomorrow.

The Life Sumo Finance Academy provides you with real world life education.

Better life decisions start here.

Home ownership

If home ownership matters to you – we can educate through the conveyance, financing and acquisition process.

Education and the future of careers

Be at the edge of career change and work with us to stay ahead of the brave new world of employment.

Entrepreneurship and consultancy

If you’ve got a big idea and a plan to change the world, we want to work with you to make it a reality.

Investment planning

Start with a little and build up to a lot – that’s where the freedom to do more with your life comes from and it starts now.

Superannuation consolidation and planning

Nearly 10% of your salary is invested for you every year of your working life – it’s your money, let’s make it work for you.

Personal Protection

Living big is a great goal – but if ever this plan is affected by death, illness or injury – peace of mind comes from protection.

Estate Planning

It’s a certainty – one day you’re not going to be here. The awesome thing to do is to plan for that.

It’s smart. It’s kind. It’s fair.

How can Life Sumo help you?

Life Sumo is the cradle to grave solution for young, time-poor adults who are seeking more from their lives. Taking no action is a guarantee of of mediocrity and that's not a life well lived.

What is Life Sumo?

Life Sumo is the solution to problems you wish you didn’t have. Adulting can be hard and well, let’s face it – school didn’t give us all the tools we needed for many real-life problems such as finances or superannuation. It is those areas that we are skilled to help you take on. If money is stopping you from living the life you promised yourself when you were young, it is never too late to get your life in order.

We take the boring but necessary and make it work for you. 

Life Sumo provide the life support that gives you the very best chance of having a financially rewarding life without having to trip over the poverty potholes that are bringing down your peers and smacking them to the ground in debt and confusion.

Financial Service Advice that is sound,
practical and achievable


Learn the nuts and bolts of finance to help empower young people to live bigger and better lives.

Home ownership

Learn tips and tricks for purchasing your own home or investment properties.

Education and careers

The ‘what you didn’t learn in school’ and making wiser choices for the future.


Providing support, understanding and future planning to set you ahead for your future.

Family protection

Setting you and your family up for financial freedom and security.

Estate Planning

Strategy development for your assets to ensure you and your family are secure.

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