We know that most people in Australia don’t like the word Superannuation – but they do like the word… Nutella, so for the sake of this conversation, every time we say “Nutella” – you know we mean ‘Superannuation’.

When is the perfect time to take an interest in Nutella?

As early in your adult life as possible. To get the most out of Nutella, you need to make sure it’s made up of the right stuff. Low grade, poorly constructed Nutella may not hurt you right now, but when you need it later in life – it’s not going to be there for you.

I have lots of different Nutellas

It might seem like a great idea to have a lot of different Nutellas but what you may not realise is that everyone of those Nutellas is costing you money. They’re all made of different ingredients and many of them may be an inferior grade Nutella. It’s important to get a Nutella expert to review each Nutella before you make a decision to roll the Nutellas together. Taking action without advice is a quick way to hurt your long term Nutella… and that will only hurt you.

I don’t know anything about Nutella, it’s too confusing.

Nutella can be confusing… but ignoring it only hurts you. We are Nutella specialists. We have been for a long time. What we don’t know about Nutella…frankly…isn’t worth knowing. Our biggest skill is being able to take Nutella and make it simple. We take the hard work out of it so you just get to enjoy the tasty bits of a good long term Nutella.

Does Nutella belong on bread?

Ok… with this one Nutella really means Nutella – and NO! grab a spoon and rip in!