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2024 Life Sumo


Let's get 2024 off on the right foot by committing an hour or so of time, together to help you evaluate:

Where you've come from?

What matters to you?

What parts of your adulting world need support and improvement?

What can we share with you in terms of education that you should have learned in high school but never did?

We will work with you 1 on 1 and provide written advice where appropriate - at no cost to you.

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Dominate Debt Self Help Package



So you know you want to eliminate debts but you don't know where to start... Life Sumo's Dominate Debt Self-Help package provides you with:

Education on what debt is, how it works and how it hurts you

What options are available if you're in over your head

Options to prioritise your debts

Calculator to help build a debt reduction strategy


You don't know what you don't know!

Check out our unique take on the world in this edition of Live Big magazine.

This gives you an idea of the prescriptive thinking that has stood Life Sumo clients well - and it's yours for free!

For us, empowering others through education isn't a tagline - it's at the very core of our being.

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The voice of common sense in a nonsense world

Misinformation has been running rampant - there has been a competition of bad ideas that have dominated our psyche and it is hard to find unbiased and unconflicted truths... in the war against speculation and poor decision making you need a weapon. 

If you're going to arm yourself - best you get a 'weapon of moose destruction'.

Life Sumo Portfolios - Live Now!

May 07, 2023

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Jan 15, 2023

What lurks beneath...

Dec 19, 2022

Recession - it's coming... and it's ok.

Dec 19, 2022


Welcome to Life Sumo 

If we had a dollar for every time we heard 'life doesn't come with an instruction manual'... we would probably have $5,834! We get it, life is hard and for the most part, at 18 we aren't equipped to deal with all that being an adult throws at us.

Sure, you may not have been specifically taught these things at school (and even if you were, you wouldn't have listened!) or maybe you were extremely lucky to have parents who had their affairs altogether - but that is not the reality for the vast majority of people - the key driver to succeed is the absolute fear of ending up where their parents ended up financially.

Now, there is a guide - a practical plain-speak solution that will help you work through adulting at a personal level. No complex jargon, no sales pitch, just real and active support to assist you in smashing your goals and levelling up in life.

Welcome to our 'Life Support Modules' - welcome to Life Sumo.


"Cannot speak highly enough of Life Sumo! Their genuine care and passion for what they teach about not only finances but life is infectious and inspirational!"

- Dale and Bec
"Life Sumo met us where we we're at, both geographically, and in our wealth creation plan, immediately i felt that our future plans had purpose and could benefit from some specialist "tweaking"!"
- Wendy

"Top advice and great service. The Life Sumo team made what seemed complicated, simple. Their help with superannuation and insurances was second to none"

- Zac

Life Support Modules

Take control of your financial future with these comprehensive courses.

2024 Life Sumo Kick-Starter

Make the most of 2024 by working 1:1 with our Life Sumo team to get your life sorted.

Available now

Dominate Debt

Say goodbye to debt for good with this easy-to-follow 5-step system.


Personal Protection

Prepare for the worst but expect the best - we deliver a non-product focus on how to protect what matters to you if the worst were to happen.

Release January 2024

Super Supreme

Want a large one with the lot? Super Supreme helps you make the most of understanding how and what super is and what needs to be considered to ensure a delicious retirement.

Release January 5th, 2024


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