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Life Sumo has a very simple core philosophy. All people would make better decisions with better information. We are dedicated to making that education available and breaking the  cycle through education and empowerment. It's true - you are the ony one who can change your world - but that doesn't mean we can't help you on the way.

Meet our Advice team

Who are the people responsible for the Life Sumo way...

Meet the team

Head Office


Level 1, 25 Howe Street
Cairns North 4870

Phone: 0400 59 00 37

Email: [email protected]

Life Sumo have one core belief. People would make better choices with better education. We understand that a lack of education and understanding is the critical reason why so many people are let down by the system and why so many good people stumble their way through life. Providing this education and helping everyday Australians to take control of their financial lives has became our core business.



Life Sumo pride themselves on taking big and complex ideas and breaking them down to normal speak. For too long the public have been bamboozled by jargon and made to feel like understanding wealth and building futures is for the ‘elite’ – it is not. Education is for everyone.



A dream was sold to us all as children – we were given a piggy bank to conquer the World but not enough education to execute the dream. Life Sumo take you back to basics and show you how it isn’t too late to change your course if you aren’t happy where you are heading – but you won’t make big changes doing what you have always done.



Life Sumo know numbers – that’s what we do and we do it well but more than excel spreadsheets and calculations – we are even better at translating the big ideas. Life Sumo live and breathe the financial World and our passion will drive life into your future.

Our Advice Team

James Mousa

LLB. Adv Dip FP, SMSF Accred.

[email protected]

Focussed on human psychology, and with a bent for justice and delivering better outcomes with better education, 'Moose' has been delivering advisory services for 20 years. He founded Life Sumo after having been at the trenches as a rookie with one of Australia's most prolific financial services horror stories over 15 years ago and seeing the absolute worst in human nature up close and personal - although he left long before the collapse he has been fighting for investor rights every day and focusses on not allowing mum and dads to be 'duped' by the system ever again.

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Jody Payne

B.Bus (Financial Planning), Dip FS.

[email protected]

If Moose is a battering ram, Jody is the 'negotiator' - our resident 'people person', Jody is focussed on building deep and long standing relationships that allow a lifetimes of your goals and ambitions to come to life. Jody had her wings clipped for a long time in 'institutional land' having worked for some of the biggest financial institutions in Australia. While this was a good training ground from a compliance perspective, Jody was attracted to the Life Sumo philosophy of educational empowerment as a means of building better and more sustainable outcomes for you - the client - a liberty not openly granted by the big Financial factories in Australia. 

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