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I know the cure!

Nov 14, 2023

I know the cure! 

 The cure for boredom is variety.  

The cure for sadness is a sense of belonging.  

The cure for loneliness is social connection. 

The cure for being in a rut is skill development and personal growth. 

The cure for insecurity is helping to create positive change. 

The cure for Cairns is Civic engagement.  


The cure is Volunteering. If you ever wanted to make friends, do good things, be a part of something big and not spend a cent doing so then give volunteering a go. It can be something you are already good at and want to share with others, something you would like to be better at, something interesting or something that you know absolutely needs to be done.  

 I have been the president of South Cairns Gymnastics for a few years now and I have been involved with some projects that I could only ever dream of. We recently celebrated our building’ second Grand Opening as we completed an extension that cost over $2 million dollars. It was very cool to be a part of that project, to help our small club become a big club and get the community support needed to do so. I help manage 2-day events with volunteers and competitors coming from all over our region. I have met with government, business and stakeholders from all levels and met with the media to explain and celebrate what we do and why we do it. I was a finalist as Volunteer of the year at the NQ Sportstar awards in Mackay. It isn’t always easy, but it is very rewarding for my personal development and our community. I have also made some of the greatest of friends as we roll up our sleeves and give back.   

 In 2021 13.8% of the Cairns Community said that they volunteer. For the benefit of everyone we need to make that number much higher, much much higher. Visit https://fnqvolunteers.org.au/embracing-the-power-of-volunteering/ for more information. 

 Welcoming stakeholders to our Grand Opening 2023.  

Cairns Finalists and Cairns Councillor Rhonda Coghlan  

 What a club!  


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