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Life Sumo Portfolios - Live Now!

May 07, 2023
This is 'pinch me I'm dreaming' stuff...
I could never have believed when we started the Life Sumo journey a handful of years ago that we would be in the position to make the announcement I'm about to make.
We set out with the mission to make change through education and in the last 5 years we have educated thousands of people not only in Far North Queensland - but throughout Australia around understanding the philosophy and psychology of long term investment - as well as  appreciating risk and how this impacts human behaviour.
At the core of that advice has been our unique asset approach which (as we fully expected) stood up to the rigours of Covid (as it did for 9/11, the GFC and last years market instability) - and by working through sound, sensible investment concepts - has enabled people to own more assets over time without the fear of default risk (The chance that the asset might disappear tomorrow!) regardless of the market movements.
Not in a million years did I ever imagine that we would have the opportunity to take our expertise and actually craft an index based fund of our own that would allow us to have the diversification we needed, and to assist in rebalancing contributions in real-time...
I'm proud to announce that - in conjunction with Macquarie, Vanguard and Aequitas - after an exhaustive research and development process we have built our own diversified Index based portfolios that reflect our dedication and commitment to sound long term investing.
Aequitas analysed all of our performance data over the long term and their analysis confirmed what we've known all along - consistent, solid and methodical investment in diversified assets - through the best and worst times in economic history is the basis for sound results over time. (and... at lower costs).
We are proud to announce the launch of our very own:
Life Sumo Wealth Focus - 100/0 Index Portfolio
Life Sumo Growth Focus - 80/20 Index Portfolio
Life Sumo Sustained Focus - 60/40 Index Portfolio
exclusively available on the Macquarie Platform.
Life Sumo Portfolios
With a slightly broader array of indices available - we have the luxury of taking an ever wider hold of assets with almost a negligible impact on asset costs compared to our existing direct portfolios (the joy of using the indices!) and we get to engage Aequitas to assist us in rebalancing these index portfolios in real time.
What do we make out of it? $0. We don't receive a cent for utilising the portfolios - not from Macquarie, Vanguard or Aequitas. We are using them because we know it delivers on our client focussed goals and it avoids the unnecessary cost and speculation attached to traditional 'managed fund' advice.
In fact, the cost of implementing the 3 portfolios is worn by us. We have dedicated significant resources already to getting the portfolios up and running and we're committed to continue this as we continue to grow into Australia's leading personal Life solutions business.
This is testament to the fact that we're never resolute to sit on our hands and be complacent. If there is a way to improve the lives of our existing clients, as well as those new clients who may come to us... we never stop striving to be better.
We will be in touch in due course to see if there is an advantage to you in using our portfolios on a case by case basis - there is no compulsion to do so - we just want to ensure that your position could be further improved by doing so.
If you have any questions or queries or want to know more - don't hesitate to book a time to have a chat!
As always, thank you for your continued support, kindness and patience.

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