Weapons of Moose Destruction


Recession - it's coming... and it's ok.

Dec 20, 2022

Make no mistake - the world is working its way through an economic cycle and there will never be a more important time to keep your head, not be reactive... and to maintain a strong and calm demeanour as the cycle works its way through.

You are going to be face to face with a lot of editorial. You're going to hear a massive amount of unqualified and speculative opinion. You're going to hear blame being thrown at every possible target... and the stark reality is that it is all going to be wrong.

More than that, it's going to be unhelpful.

This speculation, fear and hysteria is going to make the situation worse before it gets better.
Now is the time to take a breath and to go back to ABSOLUTE fundamentals...

1. What is the purpose of your investment?

2. What is the timeframe?

3. What have you actually bought? (Is it it real? Is it subject to a default risk? Is there a chance you can wake up tomorrow and it doesn't exist anymore?)

4. What is your philosophy? - Now is not the time to play it by ear... what are your rules? What are you going to live by in order to not be hammered by fear or greed...

We've been here before... we will get through this.


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